High Quality Education

You teach your child, guided and supported by experienced education professionals from kindergarten through fifth grade.

No Regrets

Replace second-guessing with peace of mind. Let Learnwell take the guesswork out of selecting curriculum and crafting thorough, creative lesson plans.

Margin for a Healthier Family

Gain back added hours to your day by letting us do the research and lesson planning for you. Spend that time with your family instead.

“Driving the Learnwell experience you’ll find people you can trust. They have an impressive track record and decades of experience both in North America and internationally. They’ve served effectively to give struggling parents timely tools, skills, and plans that restored hope.

They’re dedicated to a calling: to help you embrace and enjoy, not just the idea of homeschooling, but the daily implementation of your child’s education. They have passionfor excellence in education and, perhaps even more, for parents who work each day to make it real. They understand and are committed to the process of making excellence happen in the context of supportive community. And they intentionally and competently work toward an outcome… empowered parent/teachers and equipped young people, succeeding now and prepared for the future.”

Mike E.

“As a working parent, I struggled to organize one more thing in my day — could I really homeschool? One of my biggest obstacles to beginning a homeschool program with my son was the array of options I had when it came to curriculum. How do I choose the right one, and what if I only liked certain aspects of it? What if it didn’t work well with my son’s learning style?

Getting to work with a grade-level teacher and knowing the curriculum ahead of time eased my fears. My son’s teacher sent out a lesson plan each week that used a well-rounded curriculum; all I did was click and buy. It was simple to turn to the lesson for that day, knowing I already had the appropriate materials. I also love not having to wonder when I have a question. I simply contact his teacher, and usually within hours, I’ve heard back from her. It’s like having my own personal helpline.”

Brooke T.

Enrollment for 2017-18 is now open!

You want more than just an online school — you want to know that you CAN teach your child. But let’s face it — a little extra support would be nice. Lesson plans take time and forethought. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just teach and someone else could plan it for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Learnwell Home Education Collective places you in a virtual classroom with about 14 others teaching their children at the same grade level.
  • The experienced teacher leading the class sends you weekly lesson plans that correspond to the curriculum. Get support through weekly videos and monthly conferences with your teacher.
  • The plans provide room for flexibility, but are also structured and paced appropriately.
  • Contact your teacher quickly and easily with questions.
  • Connect with others in the online community for parents. Take part in discussions, watch podcasts, and even join a book club with like-minded parents of students involved in Learnwell.

You are still your child’s teacher, and you have the tools and support to be organized, think clearly, and teach with confidence.

Here’s How It Works

Bring more peace, margin, and fun to the education of your children

1. Click on the orange 'Tell Me More' button. You’re just asking for more information that we’ll send you as it’s available. No obligation!

2. You’re at the front of the line to get information

  • You will be the first to know about all of the huge discounts and incentives we’ll be giving families who register during our special enrollment weeks.
  • We’ll let you know exactly when those special enrollment weeks take place. This is important because we’re only opening a limited number of spots!

3. Once you get that information, take a good, hard look at where you are right now. Are you confident in where your kids are in their education? Picture this:

  • Feel comfortable in your role as mom and teacher, knowing that you won’t know all the answers, but that’s okay.  Find solace in the team of people around you — other parents, your child’s teacher — who remind you that “you’ve got this” and your kids WILL learn.
  • You don’t have to wonder if you are choosing the right curriculum anymore.
  • It’s okay to be unstructured to some point in your homeschooling. But do you feel lost most of the time? Find the balance between purposeful lack of structure and a clear, organized plan. Learnwell can help you find it.
  • Escape the cluttered mind and space you’re in right now — get clarity, get organized, and get peace of mind. You ARE in the right place. You CAN do this.

4. Enroll!

  • Let the “what if” questions subside. Peace and clarity can be yours in a way you haven’t experienced before.

5. Spend the summer getting your curriculum together and confidently anticipating the start of the school year. When is the last time you did that?

6. Join the Learnwell community as we start another fantastic school year on August 28!

  • Go from feeling isolated and unsure to knowing you are in the right place, fulfilling your true purpose, confident and supported by other like-minded parents.
  • Where your kids once saw learning as a test to be aced, let them find adventure that can’t be graded. They were once locked behind video screens, and now they are unlocking the keys to inquisition as they — voluntarily — read one more chapter, “just to see what happens to this character.”
  • Don’t just crave more space in your day — experience it together. Spend time again taking a walk or visiting a landmark, knowing you won’t be “paying for it” later by cramming three lessons into one.

Take the first small step toward confidence and joy in your homeschooling.