Our Leadership Team

Dr. Melissa Shipman

I am the founder of Intentional Education and co-founder of Learnwell Home Education Collective. Like you, I am a parent who wants to make the best choices for the education of my children. Along with my husband, I am in the trenches of homeschooling with our two elementary-aged daughters.

My passion is to help parents make intentional decisions as they raise their children, specifically in the area of education. I want to pool everything I’ve learned and developed through thousands of hours of consulting and speaking to parents and share it with you.

Why? Because I believe that out of intentional and healthy families come generations of intentional and healthy world-changers. I believe that wise investments into raising our children pay off. I believe that we can spend our time making well-thought-out decisions along the way or spend our time fixing problems later.

I believe that parents who want the best for their children and have engaged in communities like Learnwell can have a hugely positive impact on our world. Let’s do this together!

My dad would want me to also tell you that I taught in public schools in the US for 10 years, and have been an education consultant for families serving in foreign countries for 15 years while living overseas and from North America. I have a B.A. in English from Berry College, an M.Ed. in Special Education from the University of Georgia, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Minnesota.


Nancy Elwood

Nancy helped found SHARE Education Services, a partnership of agencies working together to assist ministry families throughout Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Middle East. She served as Executive Director for many years and currently leads a team that focuses on web-based services.

SHARE’s team of educators consults with parents to help them work through the issues related to educating their children while living cross-culturally. They offer conferences, assessment and lots of information and resources to help parents make good educational decisions and carry them out. Since children’s education is one of the main reasons ministry families leave the field, the goal is to enable them to stay and thrive.

In addition to leading the team of SHARE educators, Nancy and a colleague co-founded an online training program to equip and mentor educators for consulting roles throughout the world. She also serves as leader of children’s education services for Greater Europe Mission. She and her husband have served with GEM for 35+ years in Central and Eastern Europe.

Nancy and her husband now live in Georgia USA where they continue their ministries, assist their aging parents and enjoy time with their children and grandchildren.


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Community Coordinator: Michelle homeschools her 6th-grader and chases her preschoolers around all day. You’ll love getting to know her!

Tech Guru 1: Randy’s been so busy building this beautiful site that he hasn’t written his bio yet.

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