The Summer List
The Summer List

As a mom, I always feel behind. Just sitting here writing this, I can think of five things I should have finished by now that are haunting me. Nothing earth-shattering, of course, but still... In general, most moms have to…

A Rationale For Homeschooling – Because Of Learning Styles (Day 5)
A Rationale for Homeschooling – Because of Learning Styles (Day 5)

Learning problems are fundamentally a mismatch between the child and the learning environment. Dr. Jane Healy As we wrap up this blog series about learning styles, I want to do something a bit different. Rather than examining another model of…

The 4-Type Learning Style, Part 2 (Day 4)
The 4-Type Learning Style, Part 2 (Day 4)

Thanks for your kind words about my story yesterday. In answer to a few questions, Grace is now finishing up second grade and thriving - especially in language and reading! I shared that story to let you know that NONE…

The 4-Type Learning Style; Also, Don’t Be Afraid! (Day 3)
The 4-Type Learning Style; also, Don’t Be Afraid! (Day 3)

When my daughter was in preschool, her teacher came to me solemnly around Christmas and said, “We need to talk.” When we met, the teacher told me that we needed to have Grace tested for language deficiencies because she wasn’t…

The VARK Learning Style Model; Also, It’s Not You! (Day 2)
The VARK Learning Style Model; also, It’s Not You! (Day 2)

My friend Pam has tried everything: public school, homeschool, and private school. The traditional school route just isn’t working for her oldest child, Zach. When he was young, she tried homeschooling and she felt ill-equipped and tired all the time;…

The Bad News About Learning Styles (Day 1)
The Bad News About Learning Styles (Day 1)

When you hear the term “learning styles,” what do you picture? I’m guessing that some cheesy quiz you’ve taken comes to mind. Probably in college, maybe in high school, or somewhere online, you’ve taken a personality or learning styles test.…

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