How is Learnwell different from the hundreds of online schools and co-ops out there?

Do you write your own curriculum?

No, we don’t. Let’s be honest – there are thousands of curriculum options out there, and many of them are of a very high quality. We’re not cocky – the homeschool curriculum market doesn’t need our brilliant thoughts put together into yet another option!

How is the curriculum chosen?

A team which included the leading experts in homeschool curriculum got together to select curriculum that offers the highest quality of student resources and teaching tools. Our teachers provide you with the lesson plans, giving you the margin to get as creative as you’d like in teaching your children.

Which curriculum will we be using?

We’re going to be releasing this information soon! Make sure you click on the “Tell Me More” button to be the first to get our list.

What are the qualifications of Learnwell teachers?

Our teachers are highly-trained and qualified to teach and lead in K-5 classrooms. Remember, you’ll be teaching your child, and our Learnwell teachers will be supporting you every step of the way. We won’t promise that every one is actually “certified,” because some states in the US have made it very difficult to obtain certification unless you teach in public schools. However, every one of our teachers will be equipped to provide you with the lesson plans, portfolio suggestions, and support that you need as you teach your children successfully.

How much is tuition?

Our regular tuition is $1800 per year per child, with discounts given for those serving overseas, families with multiple children, and referrals. Since 2017-2018 is our first full school year of operation, we’re going to be giving HUGE discounts to those who enroll, discounts that will be locked in as long as that child remains at Learnwell. To find out about these discounts, make sure you click on the “Tell Me More” button above!

I’m an introvert and don’t need a lot of “community.” Why do you keep mentioning community as important?

We get it. To be honest, we’re not a terribly balanced leadership team – most of us are introverts too. We’re not fans of small talk, and at least one of us (we’re looking at you, Melissa!) have come away from preschool playdates in despair, vowing never to return.

But here’s the reality of things – we all do better in community. Scripture is clear in steering us toward a life together. Weight Watchers is clear in recommending that we join a group, or for heaven’s sake at least an online group, if we hope to be successful at losing weight.

Isolation can breed insecurity, second-guessing all of our choices, and even fear that we’re doing something horribly wrong. In homeschooling, we know that moms often feel isolated and wonder if they’ve made the right choices of curriculum, whether they’re teaching in the right way, and if their kid is “normal” when she struggles with basic concepts for a while.

The community offered through Learnwell will be easy and, we believe, incredibly helpful to you in your homeschooling journey. You’ll be connected with the other parents in your class, allowing you to shoot out a question on the discussion board like, “Anyone have ideas for helping my kids learn the countries in South America? We’re having problems remembering the small ones!” Parents love to help each other, and we guarantee that you’ll get a handful of replies in return. We also know that you’ll have opportunities to come alongside other parents in areas that come easily for you.

We’ll also have opportunities for you to get to join other parents in the Collective for special online events, book clubs, and more. Additionally, you can laugh at with Melissa, Nancy, and Michelle on the Learnwell Podcast.

Join us – we know you won’t regret it, even if you’re an introvert through-and-through!

How will joining the Learnwell Collective make homeschooling multiple children easier?

Homeschooling multiple kids at the same time is stressful. There are lots of tips and techniques out there for making this a little easier, but let’s be honest – it’s like herding cats, especially if you have one or two who aren’t reading independently yet.

Learnwell eases this stress by aligning all of your science and social studies curriculum. Science curriculum, for example, generally rotates through a 3-year cycle of life science, physical science, and earth science. We’ll focus on one area every year all together and then provide you with activities and assignments appropriate for each grade.

One of our goals is to restore health and sanity to your homeschooling days, and teaching these subjects to your kids all together is an effective way to give you more margin as your kids learn together.

Why should I join you in your first year?

We get it – why would you join us early in our journey instead of waiting until we’ve matured a bit? Here are three reasons why we believe you should join us now:

  1. Experienced homeschoolers will enjoy the opportunities they’ll have to contribute meaningfully to this Collective in their classes and in the entire community. And experienced homeschoolers understand how much time and energy it takes to do it on your own.

    Don’t let another year of homeschooling with little or no margin go by. We’re new as an organization, but not one of us is new to homeschooling, education excellence, or serving families. We’re bringing decades of experience together to serve you and support you. Imagine what you could do with more energy, time, and emotional margin every day.

    We know that you are pioneers – why else would you have chosen homeschooling for your family? Join our group of homeschooling pioneers as we venture together!

  2. New homeschoolers are apt to feel overwhelmed and insecure – we’ve all been there. Join us now and save yourself a year or more of second-guessing your choices, trying to figure out how to plan out your year, your months, your weeks, and your days.
  3. Finally, you need to join us this year because we are rewarding our first group of pioneering homeschoolers with significant tuition discounts that they can lock in as long as their child remains enrolled. We understand that you’re taking a risk, and we are going to reward you for taking a chance and joining us on this journey.